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Disaster Relief, Recovery,

and Rebuilding to Resilience

Victims in Disaster situations require immediate relief aid, transitional recovery assistance and long-term resilience. CitiIMPACT believes that local churches are uniquely positioned to lead the way.

Forging partnerships with local faith communities, CitiIMPACT brings organizational experience, a calming influence, and resources from it’s nationwide partners to make a difference in others’ lives.

First Response Supplies ~ Semi-trucks will arrive with water, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, paper products, baby products, and food items.
Logistical Guidance ~ Real-time coaching and support helps to establish communications, distributions centers, case management, and volunteer coordination.
Hot Meals ~ Mass cooking stations, staffed by disaster response veterans , bring self-contained units with the capacity for more than 20,000 meals each day.
Team Development~ Following an initial needs assessment, roles are identified and coordinated according to skills needed within the community.  Seasoned response members are brought in to assist and train the local leaders as needed as well as mission teams to help with debris removal, recovery, and rebuilds.
Transitional Recovery ~ As urgent needs transition to longer-term recovery, collaborative relationships are developed among local leaders for greater effectiveness.
Rebuilding~ "House kits" and/or building supplies are available for qualified homeowners.