Follow our vast response to Harvey and Irma HERE. Please SEND TEAMS and GIVE.

How Can I Volunteer Locally?

There are many other ways to serve:

  • Form a team to send to areas suffering from recent natural disasters.
  • Be a missionary without leaving home . . . SPONSOR A CHILD in Liberia
  • Plan a FAITH & WORKS SUNDAY at your church where individuals can learn how to partner domestically, be prepared for a disaster, and/or make a difference in a third world country.
  • Plan a fundraising event (concert w/local artist, spaghetti dinner, talent show, golf tournament, etc.) where a presentation can be given about the needs and how they can help. Depending on your location and dates we may be able to find a guest speaker.
  • Skills in graphics, computer programming, data input, media, grant writing, fundraising, power point, marketing also needed at this time.
  • Connect CitiIMPACT to your business or other local companies. Larger companies often have matching gift programs, pay employees for volunteer hours, donate goods, or offer grants to charities for which their employees volunteer.
  • Bring Meal MANIA to your city.

Thank you for your interest in serving those less fortunate. Let us know if we can give you additional details on any of the above information.

NEW! – Help Locally By Joining Our Relief Response Teams

We now have group texting so we can send text messages to local groups when a disaster has occurred. Sign up below to receive instant texts when volunteer relief and aid is needed in your local area.

Disaster Relief Volunteer Message System

Want to help your local community or state by volunteering during times of need or when natural disasters strike your community? Start here.