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Bring a Team

Scheduling teams now to...





~ Please email us if a new disaster occurs and you are interested in serving in that area.

    • If you are a Team Leader or individual seeking further information or to see if specific dates are available please fill out the online inquiry HERE.
    • If we have already made initial contact and checked dates, please download this Application., make needed copies, and have every member of your team fill it out.
    • Collect them all and mail them to us with your deposit check (please only one per team) to confirm your registration. Teams are signing up for up to 6 months ahead of time, so don't delay.
    • If you are signing up for more than a month prior to arrival you can send your deposit now and the balance a month before with any additions.

~ Ongoing support volunteers are also needed! How can you help?...

    • We need both skilled and unskilled people (if they are in good health and able to follow directions).
    • Skilled people in the areas of:
      • plumbing, electrical, construction, mechanical
      • roofers, concrete, painting, big equipment
      • cooking
      • counseling, youth, children
      • business development, administration
      • fund raising
      • media, graphics
      • social media
      • grant writing
      • and more...

~ For further details please see our FAQ page.